better together

conceptual chair design

Representing a search for stability, this chair is built for two halves of a couple. While possible to occupy the chair alone, it is most stable when two
people are seated, rocking safely back and forth to reflect the give and take of a partnership. The seats are faced in opposite directions, serving as a metaphor for independence in the relationship, yet joined at the center, a symbol of love, support, and shared values. Crafted from strong, yet flexible materials, the separate but analogous colors of the chair remind us of how each shared event is colored differently by our unique perspectives. The empty frame below the seat is the imperfect foundation that relationships are built on, strung over by a series of lines that make up the joint experiences that give solidity to a life together. 

Fabrication:  Donald Cope  of Athens, GA  |  Photography:  Peter Hobbs

Fabrication: Donald Cope of Athens, GA  |  Photography: Peter Hobbs