Arbor By The Beach

fashion branding

The Arbor Collective is a small brand of skate wear out of Venice Beach, well-known for their handcrafted wooden boards and best noted for their unwavering commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. The Arbor by the Beach line takes the existing brand and pushes it to the coast
for a younger demographic. This summer line of beach and skate apparel is rolled out through the brand’s active Instagram accounts and promoted through social media interaction giveaways.  

This is a concept project and is in no way affiliated with nor endorsed by The Arbor Collective. 

Models: Jeri Higuera (above), Abby Bowles, Maddie McCally, Anna Mandell, Hannah McConnaughey, Elaina Lukas |  Photography: Chris Cromer

Promotional tee shirt packaging | Photography: Peter Hobbs